podcasts i like that you might also like

  1. The Anthropocene Reviewed — John Green
    This is the most recent podcast I started listening to, and I just absolutely adore it. It’s over now, but John will be releasing a book with the same name, and presumably with a very similar format in 2021 (I think).
    The Anthropocene Reviewed is a podcast where John Green picks one or two topics to talk about for 10–30 minutes, in true John Green fashion, making things that you’ve never even heard of feel almost nostalgic. Nowhere else will you feel so deeply mesmerized by a man in his 40’s talking about Super Mario Kart or the bankrupt supermarket company, Piggly Wiggly.
    It also includes personal stories from John’s life which I’m sure I enjoy I bit more since I’m already a fan of his, but I do think his stories are… honestly just, human enough for anyone to enjoy and relate to.
    My only criticism is honestly that the episodes are so short, I they always leave me wanting more, but honestly, that’s probably a good thing anyways.
  2. This Might Get Weird — Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart
    This one is just good dumb fun. In this conversational podcast, OG Youtubers Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart talk about whatever comes to their minds, as well as strange stories from their week. Lot’s of talk about their very different but equally as beautifully strange dogs, Goose and Beanz. If you don’t like swearing or talk of tipsy adventures maybe it’s not for you, but whatever that’s your prerogative I guess. This Might Get Weird isn’t my favorite but it’s a solid way to get some laughs and drown out your own thoughts, and isn’t that what we all strive for?
  3. Dear Hank & John — Hank Green, John Green
    Guys this might be my favorite one (yes that means it’s all down hill from here but like, shhhhh). Another set of OG Youtubers, brothers John and Hank Green talk about whatever comes to mind, while also answering questions from fans with their signature dubious advice, closing with Hank updating us on ‘the Mars situation’ and John updating us on the events of his favorite mid-level European football club, AFC Wimbledon (trust me, you may not care now, you will care later, like, 10 episodes in, you care). It’s sweet and fun and silly and good. I also personally find it a little meditative, but I honestly find any recording of either of these boys talking very relaxing.
  4. My Brother, My Brother, and Me — Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy
    This conversational podcast full of good-good boys is dumb stupid horrendous ride and it’s one of my favorites. I was hesitant to include this one only because I think this is the most well known already, but then I decided that… I wanted to. They are just so fun, stupid, and occasionally raunchy, they rarely ever get heavy and have a ‘no bummers’ while still being very wonderful supportive human, I can’t even describe them (which is why deciding to review them is bold choice on my part) but they are just a delight, and some good fun.



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i write most of my stuff between 1–7am so nothing is coherent i hope that that is okay for you.